IF the room can't handle your gifts, move to the arena!

Are you ready to enter spaces that will foster your next move and create a circle of winners? If so,  this masterclass is for you!

If you're like me, you have always been the mood and the movement behind the scenes. But somewhere between humility and "I don't know where to begin" it has come to this--it's time for the world to know my playing small days are cancelled indefinitely! Playmakers, we want to see you front and center!


I know, I know it is so easy for us have a mindset of (I'm paraphrasing Drake when I say this), I wasn't hiding my gifts from the world I was hiding the world from my gifts. Either way it's written, it's selfish of us to hide our gifts from the people who are looking for them.


Playtime is over! No more hiding in the back. Position yourself in environments where your people/tribe can see you a little better. Are you in?

why is this FREE, live masterclass
for you?


how to go from overlooked to look at me now
how to upgrade your seat and upgrade your life
why the conversation is money and you should want some
how to shoot your shot with HEAVY HITTERS